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Crankshaft Rebuilds and Connecting Rod Replacement

Crankshafts for a single cylinder two-stroke engine consist of counter weights, thrust washers, a pin, lower rod bearing and a connecting rod. These components must be assembled to exact specifications. Even .002 out of specification will cause vibration. Vibration will rob your engine of horsepower, reliability and it drastically reduces engine life!

I've seen brand new factory crankshafts off by as much as .008 center to center and the replacement crankshafts coming from China are a gamble at best. The record goes to a local competitor who thought that .015 was close enough. I've assembled hundreds of crankshafts to specifications as close as .0001. This takes patience, time and experience. Don't trust this kind of precision work to the first guy you meet with a press and a hammer. All of our crankshafts are assembled on our state of the art crankshaft assembly fixture. We built this fixture in house because there was nothing available that met my standards for accuracy. Every crankshaft rebuild undergoes two inspection processes before it leaves my shop. I guarantee the quality and accuracy of all rebuilds. My name is my reputation! I don't play games with motorcycle crankshafts and neither should you. Rebuild your crankshaft with confidence and


Ken OConnor Racing is recognized AND recommended by Wiseco and LA Sleeve for precision crankshaft building.

The problem with getting your crankshaft rebuilt is that it always looks OK. Most people don't own the proper equipment to check the crankshaft when it returns from the shop. Motorcycle mechanics know this! All of my rebuilt crankshafts are assembled by a KOR trained technician.

The following prices do not include return shipping. (Most jobs are $25 for UPS shipping with insurance.)

Single cylinder two stroke crankshaft rebuilds for Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, KTM and Honda.

Price includes rod, crankshaft pin, washers, big end bearing, top end bearing and expert assembly.

All 300, 250, 125, 100, 85, 80, 65 and 60 cc engines


All 500 cc engines


Single cylinder four stroke crankshaft rebuilds for Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda. Price includes rod, crankshaft pin, washers, big end bearing, and expert assembly.

All 250 cc engines and below


All engines above 250 cc


Banshee Crankshaft


Price includes Pro-X rods, top end bearings,four OEM main bearins, and static balance

Want to supply your own parts? No problem. Just send them along with your crankshaft.

Single Cylinder $85.00

Twin Cylinder $300.00

Vintage Cranks? No Problem! Same Labor Prices!

We ship and receive worldwide daily.

Most jobs ship in less than ten days!

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